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Michael Hofer, CHUV

«We combine clinical documentation with data collection for our cohort study in juvenile idiopathic arthritis.»

Dr Michaël Hofer
PD et MER, Head of Pediatric Rheumatology Suisse Romande
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)

JIR Cohort
Inflammatory rheumatism from the child to the adult

Axel Finckh, HUG

«We enroll healthy participants, at risk for rheumatoid arthritis, and collect clinical and patient lifestyle data.»

Axel Finckh, MD, PD
Head of Clinical Research in Rheumatology
Geneva University

Screening Study of an Early Detection of the Disease

Almut Scherer, SCQM Foundation

«The SCQM Foundation runs a scientific platform for prospective long-term studies on inflammatory rheumatic diseases.»

Dr. Almut Scherer
Scientific Manager, SCQM Foundation

SCQM Foundation
Swiss Clinical Quality Management in Rheumatic Diseases

Kaspar Truninger, SWEPIC

«For our cancer cohort study we collect clinical and patient lifestyle data and track and trace biosamples in one system.»

PD Dr. med. Kaspar Truninger
FMH Facharzt Gastroenterologie und Innere Medizin, Gastroenterologie Oberaargau und Departement Biomedizin Universität Basel

Swiss Epigenetic Colorectal Cancer Cohort Study

Medical history

Medical History: Symptoms, Social, Family, Exposure, Allergies, Medications


Results: Vital Signs, Physical Examinations, Laboratory


Assessment: Diagnosis/Differential Diagnosis

Treatment plan

Treatment Plan: Tests, Procedures, Referrals, Medications

Medical Timeline

Learning Health System

The National Academy of Medicine defines a Learning Health System as «one in which knowledge generation is so embedded into the core of the practice of medicine that it is a natural outgrowth and product of the healthcare delivery process and leads to continual improvement in care».

Learning Health Care System
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Virtual biobank for sample preparation, collection, transport, storage and analysis of biospecimens.


Medical Imaging

PACS (DICOM) for storage, retrieval, distribution and presentation of medical images.


Machine Learning

Machine learning toolset to analyze complex data sets (e.g. xray images).


Patient Access

Apps for patients to access and collect data and to improve monitoring in chronic diseases.





Healthcare Professionals






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SCQM Foundation, Zürich
Swiss Clinical Quality Management in Rheumatic Diseases

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